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Enjoy tailored meal plans that give you the perfect nutrition for muscle growth


Did you know you're 85% more likely to hit your goals when you have a coach


Build stronger and thicker muscles using scientifically proven training techniques


Share your successes & be encouraged by our supportive community


Combining the right diet and training plan, coupled with ongoing coaching and an inspirational community will result in breathtaking results. So don't be surprised when your friends are lost for words as you proudly rip the shirt off your newly chiseled physique at the beach.


You could be destroying your progress by simply eating the wrong foods for your body type?

Our expert team have put together a simple quiz to calculate how many calories you need to get ripped while building lean muscle based on your body type and lifestyle.

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Best mates, fitness mentors, and creators of Sydney based - Impact Bodies Fitness

Impact Bodies began in early 2015, when, after years coaching & advising friends and colleagues, we realised there were A LOT of guys looking for fitness answers, and VERY FEW sources giving good practical answers. So, we decided to change that.

In a fitness world saturated with bloated egos, misinformation & useless supplements, we’ve skipped the B.S. to develop a body building system which is simple to follow, time & budget friendly and most importantly will get you that chiselled Thor physique fast, using tailored meal plans specific to your body type.

We’ve had the honour of working with hundreds guys who’ve put their trust in us, and their results in muscle growth, health improvement and self-confidence have been incredible.

So if you’re ready to step up and unlock your body's full potential, then our team is here ready and waiting.

We look forward to working with you.

Chris & Nick

Are you ready to start your fitness journey?

Don’t be one of those guys who procrastinate. You know, the big-dreamers who are all talk and no action. Let us help you make your dreams a reality just like we have done for hundreds of other guys in Sydney.

Find Out MoreYES! I’m ready to start my fitness journey