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Join Hundreds of Guys Just Like You That Are Building Lean Muscle, Getting Stronger and Dropping Below 10% Body Fat...

Using Our 12 Week Custom Meal Plans That Are Tailored To Your Body Type
And Proven Growth Stimulating Workouts You Will Love...

For 5x Times Less Than The Cost of 1 Personal Training Session!

What you’ll discover on this page

The power of custom meal plans

Why eating correctly for your body type is essential to build muscle

How our time saving workouts used by Arnold Schwarzenegger stimulate rapid muscle growth

Why women are biologically programmed to find muscular men more attractive

How you can pack on 3kg of lean muscle in 30 days

How our members actually save money while building lean muscle

How the IB community and program has changed our members lives

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Here's the deal...

Getting into peak physical form isn't complicated! ... We repeat - It isn't complicated.

The fitness industry will tell you to bust your balls in the gym every day, and chug down a cocktail of pricey supps promoted by steroid pumped insta-celebs. But, the reality is so much simpler (and cheaper).

Using the Impact Bodies Rapid Gains System™ you are guaranteed to build a superior lean muscular physique because we provide you with a 12 Week Tailored Meal & Training program specific to YOUR body type.

Our system uses the same science-backed proven workouts tried & tested by Arnold Schwarzenegger himself, giving you results faster & cheaper than if you paid for your own personal trainer or nutritionist.

PLUS, with our budget friendly, easy & convenient delicious meals you'll spend less time in the kitchen and more time enjoying your new body.

We provide you with a blueprint for success. The same blueprint that has achieved countless success stories around Australia.

I took an extra 5 weeks to complete the program because I set myself a big goal to achieve, but my results are still nothing short of amazing. I appreciated you checking in through the program to answer my q’s & make sure I was doing ok. Awesome program!

Jamie (Endomorph)
Bondi, Australia

Want to Know Our Secret Weapon To Pack On Lean Muscle Fast

It’s because we know that not everyone was create equal.

Let me explain… Everybody fits into one of 3 body type categories - Ectomorph, Mesomorph or Endomorph.

These body type categories are called Phenotypes and each has a unique response to the consumption of certain types of calories. For example:

Ectomorphs - often called “hard gainers” struggle to put on weight, and require diets majoring in carbohydrates.

Mesomorphs - naturally carry more muscle mass and need higher levels of protein.

Endomorphs - can bulk easily, but tend to carry excess fat, and thus need a diet majoring in healthy fats and lean protein.

I won’t bore you with the details, but you get our point that having the right meal plan for your body type is crucial in order for you to be successful.

The Impact Bodies Rapid Gains System™ takes all the guesswork out of building that lean muscular physique. We worry about all the meal plans, correct training and shopping lists, so you save time, money and can focus on living life OUTSIDE the gym, doing the things you love.

Pack on 3kg of Lean Muscle in 30 Days Guaranteed or Your Money Back

Build My New BodyOnly $17.95 p/wk for Complete Program

(No hidden fees, No lock-in contracts)

A Sneak Peak Inside Our Facebook Group:

Don't Get Caught Out Like Nick Did

You may have been caught out by a PT who sold you dud nutrition program, I certainly was...

Knowing the importance of a custom meal plan ... About 5 years ago, I was extremely busy and paid a qualified Personal Trainer $160 to design a nutrition plan specific to my body type...

Now this guy was a well respected trainer & nutritionist in the Fitness community, I eagerly awaited my plan for 3 days, I was horribly surprised to receive a generic email containing a word document with a meal plan for only 1 week, a list of boring foods I could eat, no shopping list and a recipe that required 2-3 hours of stirring, no lie 2-3 hours of stirring, was this guy for real... On top of this he wanted to charge me $360 a week for 4 training sessions... I could not believe how I had been ripped off.

This occurance was actually one of the motivators which led us to build Impact Bodies - A program backed by science, and BS free. Because we don’t want other guys dramas that we and so many others already have.

What You Get As a Member

Exclusive membership site access

12 week custom meal and training plan

24/7 coaching support from our team

Low-cost weekly shopping lists

Quick & easy recipes saving you time

Time-efficient workouts - under 45 minutes!

What You Won't Get

A one-size-fits-all program

Long, boring complex workouts

Grueling cardio

No counting calories (life’s too short for that!)

A list of BS supplements to take

Emails That Make Us Smile

The Power of Custom Meal Plans - Specific to Your Body Type
Here's Why Our Members Get Crazy Results So Fast...

Your meal plans are custom tailored to your body type

Your meals are easy to make and packed with flavour

Your metabolism will be triggered to burn fat continously

You only use foods which are readily available and affordable

You’ll focus on ingredients that naturally boost testosterone to increase muscle growth

Pack on 3kg of Lean Muscle in 30 Days Guaranteed or Your Money Back

Build My New BodyOnly $17.95 p/wk for Complete Program

(No hidden fees, No lock-in contracts)

My bro got me onto your program and now my results are better than his haha! Thanks guys, I never realised eating healthy could taste so gooood! I have to say it’s not just about building a better body, changing my diet with your nutritional plan has improved my energy and sleep too. I feel great guys. Cheers

Damien (Ectomorph)
Perth, Australia

How Our Time Saving Workouts Stimulate Fast Muscle Growth

Arnold Schwarzenegger is a household name when it comes to bodybuilding because he was the best at what he did. So, when someone masters a skill on a global scale, it makes sense to learn from their experience. This is why our program is built on the same scientific principles of Agonist-Antagonist muscle training that sent Arnie to the top.

We’ve condensed a complete body transformation program into a functional 2 phase system specifically targeting muscle growth & fat burning to get you ripped over 12 weeks.

Simple & Time Efficient

Build lean muscle while burning fat

Spend under 3.5 hours in the gym per week

Train confidently with ‘pocket coach’ instructions

Make gains weekly with our stress-free log book

The Big 6 Mistakes That Keep Guys Small and Weak… and Frustrated!

Chances are, if you’re reading this, you’ve made these mistakes as some point and maybe even still are. If you’re unhappy with your results, this could be where you’re stuffing up!

  1. Too many reps, too many sets, too little weight - Learn the perfect training volume to optimise both strength AND size gains.
  2. Isolation masturbation - Don’t get caught curling in the squat rack! Harness the power of compound training.
  3. The age-old pyramid shenanigans - Follow our simple, progressive training method saving you unnecessary complexities.
  4. Rest? Rest for pussies… Right? Wrong. We’ll show you the perfect rest intervals to maximise your training stamina.
  5. Poor form - Your questions will all be answered with our simple form guide.
  6. Overtraining - Skip one of the most debated topics in the gymniverse, and spend less time in the gym!

The beauty of the Impact Bodies Rapid Gains System is that you don’t have to waste hours researching and experimenting with the above topics as we’ve done all the scientific work for you, so you can focus on lifting with confidence that you're going to get results.

Ever Wondered Why Women Are More Attracted to Muscular Men?

It’s to do with women’s biological make up - it’s built into their genes and there’s nothing much they can do about it to tell you the truth.

If a man has an athletic muscular body, it’s a sign he has good genes, high testosterone, self-discipline, and will be a strong protector & provider for her and her offspring.

Women subconsciously select men like this as their potential mate, as they provide her a feeling of security that other ordinary man cannot.

Like men, women are competitive creatures, where appearance and status are incredibly important - so having a jacked boyfriend with shirt-busting biceps is hot on their list… And once they get you, they won’t want to let you go! (You’ve been warned)

How Our Members Actually Save Money While Building Muscle

Our weekly shopping lists have been written with the budget conscious lifter in mind. Our selection of ingredients are highly available and affordable meaning more cash in your pocket.

How The Impact Bodies Rapid Gains System
Has Literally Changed Members Lives

Taking mastery of your body and building the physique you deserve has more benefits than just physical...

I’ve always been pretty strong at the gym but found it impossible to get ripped. When I learnt about my body type (Meso) and got your nutritional plan to match it everything just made sense and my definition came out pretty fast.

Kasim (Mesomorph)
Adelaide, Australia

Still Got Questions About The Program?

Are there any extra costs?

Nope! There’s no hidden costs. The program costs $17.95 per week, and that is all you will pay.

I want to get ripped. Will this program make me big and bulky?

We’re with you. Lean and ripped like a muscular athlete is where it’s at. We’re not interested in becoming hulking bodybuilders. What many guys don’t realize is how much muscle they have to build and how much work and time it takes to actually get “big and bulky”. For most guys, it means gaining anywhere from 20kg+ of muscle, which takes years of consistent, dedicated, heavy weightlifting. Trust us, there hasn’t been a single natural weightlifter in history that woke up one day “suddenly” too big or bulky. Building enough muscle to look like a cover model - even when you do everything right - is a gradual process.

How fast will I see results?

We’ve had many members gain up to 3kg of lean muscle in the 12 weeks when following the program strictly. Like anything in life, you only get out what you put in - and we guarantee you will marvel at your new body if you stay committed and focussed.

What makes you different to other muscle gaining program on the market?

Most programs are based on a one-size-fits-all template, but as you know, everyone’s body is different - so following such a program is largely a waste of time. Our program is tailored to your body’s dietary requirements to maximise muscle growth potential. In addition, our program is delivered through a fully interactive online portal which guides you day-by-day towards success - no complex ebooks to read or documents to print out.

What type of training will I be doing?

Your training will be predominantly weightlifting based on Arnold style agonist/antagonist principles for maximised muscle development. A small amount of cardio will be incorporated to help you to lean right up towards program completion.

Is this program for beginners or guys with lifting experience?

Everyone will benefit greatly from the IB Rapid Gains System, however, as you probably know, those new to weightlifting will always make the most gains as their body quickly adapts to muscle tension it’s never experienced before.

I still have questions. What should I do?

Can’t find what you’re after? Just shoot us an email at hello@impactbodies.fit and we’ll get straight back to you.

Is This The Most Affordable and Simple Method To Pack On Lean Muscle?

We definitely think so!

If you’ve tried countless dud programs, paid for unproductive PT sessions, and wasted hard earned cash on “silver bullet” supplements, only to be disappointed over and over, then your frustration can stop today.

We genuinely believe we’ve developed the perfectly balanced program which will enable you to make more muscle building progress in three months than most guys make in 2 or even 3 years (seriously!)

The results of our members speak for themselves, so come join the action and let us coach you to your dream body, starting now.

Pack on 3kg of Lean Muscle in 30 Days Guaranteed or Your Money Back

Build My New BodyOnly $17.95 p/wk for Complete Program

(No hidden fees, No lock-in contracts)

About Us

Best mates, fitness mentors, and creators of Sydney based - Impact Bodies Fitness

Most of our members have tried countless fad diets and unproven programs, and spent hundreds, and sometimes thousands on supplements and personal trainers.

Unfortunately the fitness world is saturated with bloated egos, misinformation & useless supplements, we’ve skipped the B.S. to develop a body building system which is simple to follow, time & budget friendly and most importantly will get you that chiselled Thor physique fast, using tailored meal plans specific to your body type - the success our members are having really speaks for itself.

We’ve had the honour of working with hundreds guys who’ve put their trust in us, and their results in muscle growth, health improvement and self-confidence have been incredible.

If you’ll let us, we would love to guide you on your way to your new dream body in a proven and reliable way.

We look forward to working with you.

- Chris & Nick