Refund policy information for Impact Bodies Fitness

We understand that sometimes, things just don't quite work out the way you expect them to. We hope you never have this experience with us, we have the upmost respect for you for stepping out of your comfort zone to start this journey with us. Just as we started this relationship off on a positive note, we would truly like to keep it this way (or end it if necessary in the same way). If you are unhappy with the services we have provided, for any reason, please reach out to us here and let us know what is going on - our team will take great care of you.

In the event that we can not resolve the issue for you, we do offer a 100% 30 day money back guarantee - no hoops to jump through.

Examples of 30 day Money Back Guarantee

1. If you truly feel you are not receiving value from the program.
2. You have been following your meal & training plans to the letter and you are not happy with your results to date.
3. The program is not what you expected it to be. (in this instance we would just love to know the difference between what you expected and what you actually received so we can work on closing this gap)